A Woman's Response To My Hypno Orgasmic Audio Experience

Before I knew it, I had already dug my headphones out of my purse, and I was counting my breath with you. Your voice is pure magic. The first few seconds, I imagined that I was just listening out of curiosity. I remained clothed, seated on the edge of my bed. Then, sometime during the first few minutes, I decided to actually give it a go and submit to your willingness to guide me. I closed the bedroom door, stripped, laid on the bed, and...

Candid Client Interview:

A Very Unconventional Relationship

I was really grateful to have the opportunity to interview a special client who has spent a considerable amount of time with me and is certainly not afraid to speak her mind.

This is the transcript of a telephone conversation that resulted in an intimate and impromptu interview between two people who share a strong connection and a very unconventional relationship.

Never Felt That

Way Before

I did wonder what the fuck I was doing prior to us meeting and I really did think about cancelling. But from the moment I saw you in the hotel bar and felt our chemistry, those fears fell away.


It's the little things I noticed in those first few moments. It was how you carried yourself. You know straight away how to make me feel in the way you...

Have I Fallen Prey

To Your...

Madison, I want to say you've been on my mind since we met but that wouldn't be accurate ...my very essence is consumed.


Like the meticulously layered and lingering scent of your Bogetta Veneta fragrance; I'm left wondering whether the sense of spiritual connectivity was real or whether I've fallen prey to your...

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing time! You made me go places I have never been before. My insides have never explored the way you did! I never thought I was capable of coming so many times in a row but you made it happen!

So thanks again and I will for sure book my tickets via London to see you! If you make your other clients as happy and as satisfied as you made me!  

...then you are phenomenal!!!

Millie, UAE

"This was my first time with an escort but you made it feel like we had known each other for years.I will certainly be seeing you next time

I'm in town."

Charlie, Bristol, UK

"It's such a nice feeling to be with a man who knows how to show affection and make a women feel special which is rare these days. A beautiful man. xxx"

Svetlana, Coventry, UK

"You were the perfect companion and I really enjoyed your company. A delight to be around"

Laura, Berlin, Germany

"Madison James!!!! Thank you for a fantastic evening, you have really opened my eyes to BDSM, it was so much fun, what a dangerous man you are;)"

Claire, London, UK

"I'm still not sure how you done it but from the moment we met you managed to make everything feel so comfortable it felt like I was with an old friend (a really hot one..haha) But seriously you were such a nice genuine guy and a great listener. Thank you. 

Yaminah, Bern, Switzerland

"I was soooo nervous when I met Madison but

he was an absolute gentleman. You definitely taught me something new and I loved it. See you soon sweetie."

Jazmine, London, UK

"We met up for a drink but one thing lead to another and before I knew it I found myself 

ripping your clothes. You are an extremely naughty young man! (shivers) x"

Magdalena, London, UK

"I'll admit I was sceptical after reading about you in Marie Claire because it sounded too good but you did not disappoint, in fact, you surpassed my expectations in every way. I thoroughly

enjoyed you."

Jodie, London, UK


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