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An erotic note of appreciation for women who embrace their sexuality - unapologetically.


By Madison James

I enjoy pleasing women, but you, especially.

I haven't quite yet put my finger on it, nor do I need to, but I find sex with you exquisite. Moreish in fact.

There's always a desire to slide deep inside you, over and over again.

When I enter you after a long time apart, it feels like home, it's a place I've come to know well, and the mere thought of it is enough to give me a throbbing erection no matter where I am.

I think sexual energy like yours comes with an unquenchable appetite, that somehow we manage to subdue momentarily, but only after constant orgasm.

Sexual energy like yours deserves to be acknowledged, nurtured, teased, fingered, stroked, licked, held close, but at the same time free to release.

And what a beautiful release it is. I've witnessed it many times, from the subtle involuntary reactions to my touch, to the slow pulsating build up, to the inevitable release. Even when you try to savour the moment, you have no choice but to give in.

I'm absolutely throbbing hard as I write this, thinking about fucking you.

Thinking about slowly bringing you to the peak of climax, and guiding you over the edge.

You try in vain to compose yourself, because you know the way you respond to me inside you isn't normal at all.

There's a slight sense of embarrassment at how this man can turn such a strong woman into a sexually submissive sex goddess offering her body and mind for my pleasure - completely.

Every time you masturbate to the thought of me, you know I own you a little more with each release. You've bitten off more than you can chew but the taste is so insanely delicious, you've 100% given up the will to fight it. It's pointless, that's the nature of possession.

I'm in your thoughts every time you feel the wetness in your knickers, the tightness in your stomach, the heart palpitations, the shortness of breath - it doesn't matter where you are, I'm always there, omnipresent.

My hot throbbing dick wet to the touch, you can feel the veins, the chocolate coloured velvet texture of my skin as you remember the feeling, of your tongue swirling around the head.

You quicken the pace as you beg me to cum. You want to swallow my orgasm running down your throat, and with it, my raw unapologetically masculine energy.

Your thighs tremble, as you remember the sensation of my warm juices pumping all over your tongue as you grab the shaft and squeeze tightly. You suck harder, thirsty for more, you want to own me as I own you.

Memories of nights past make you yearn for my touch, for me to open you up and enter you, filling you so completely you could absolutely stay there forever.

Finally, I'm inside you, deep, slow, in the exact position that keeps you teetering on the brink of explosion.

You're pinned against the bed. My hand instinctively finds your neck. You savour the moment as I pull you in close. Your head on my chest cradled in my arm.

"Good girl, hold it there, that's my girl". You heed my instruction.

Not through conscious choice, but through instinct. Your body, mind, orgasm, moans of ecstasy, the arch in your back, the quiver in your lip, the sweat from your breast, the beat that's skipped, it all belongs to me.

Every time you orgasm with me inside you, you venture a little further down the path of no return. A phoenix risen, bursting with feminine energy, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

You arouse and inspire me in equal measure, that's why I fuck you so.

To truly possess a woman, you first have to nurture her, and then let her go. Free to completely and utterly indulge her sense of self and sexuality.

While the world tries to shame you, and other men try to tame you, I know the secret to unlocking your treasure. The key is to fully embrace the journey of pleasure, and let the destination take care of itself.

Instinctively you know this. It becomes more and more apparent every time I bring you to climax. Staring deep. Watching you. Appreciating you.

You are without a doubt the sexiest creature.

That's why I possess you.

Peace, Love & Great Sex,


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