9 Reasons Why I Don't Agree With Social Distancing [Updated]

I tend not to discuss politics much on this blog (admittedly it's not the sexiest subject) but given the current climate of doom and gloom, I feel it's relevant to address the issues around Covid-19 and its affects on us as tactile human beings.

Disclaimer: Based on the research I've conducted for the last 15 years into world events and politics, I believe that no government, corporation or individual is to be blindly trusted without question, especially in a state of emergency. Having said that, I have attempted to present facts and sound reasoning amidst the Corona madness we find ourselves in.

1. Let's talk about "Social Distancing"

Telling people to obey the speed limit or to reduce the amount of time spent on mobile phones is one thing, but when a government starts ordering friends, family and entire nations to stay in side and keep their distance, I think we need a lot more proof than 'because the government said so.'

But 'social distancing' has quickly become the buzz word of 2020 with people paranoid to death of coming within 6ft of another human being so let's examine the logic behind this trend.

According to experts, 80% of people who contract Covid-19 display mild symptoms (meaning they do not need to be hospitalised), with many being completely asymptomatic. What's more, those who do suffer more serious effects are largely old with underlying health issues.

Italy is a perfect example of this as "99% of Those Who Died From The Virus Had Other Illness" Italy says according to Bloomberg and many other sources.

Whilst there will be some reports of younger people suffering more serious symptoms and even death in some rare cases, the severity of the disease wouldn't seem to warrant shutting down the entire world, crashing the economy and causing mass unemployment around the globe.

In a recent story published in the Telegraph, a leading German virologist by the name of Prof Hendrik Streeck has said after studying a hotspot for the virus "Coronavirus has not been spread by shopping or going to the hairdresser". In his research, Prof Streeck also said the home of an infected family his team visited "did not have any live virus on any surface" including on phones, door knobs or even the pet cat's fur.

Whilst this may be an isolated incident with a number of factors at play, clearly more honest conversations and further investigation is needed worldwide so we can make better informed decisions when implementing safety measures that will impact society to such an extent.

And can somebody please explain how the British government has stated that "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK." yet we remain under mass house arrest at DefCon 1? [Source]

As humans, we are tactile beings who respond instinctively to touch. It's a fundamental way in which we and most of the animal kingdom communicate and express emotion.

This trend of social distancing has been with us for quite a while now with the majority of people spending a huge amount of their time with their heads buried in their phones or stuck in front of a computer. With everyone now blindly parroting the rhetoric of so-called experts to keep your distance from everyone, this now includes our friends and family.

But hold up, I'm yet to meet a person of sound mind who thinks it's a good idea to go around spreading germs be it the common cold or a nasty flu amongst their friends, family and colleagues, especially the young and elderly but apparently this now needs to be mandated by law.

Given the unprecedented level of freedom so many of us are willing to give up either by direct consent or acquiescence, lets add some perspective. According to data collected by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) here are the leading causes of death by communicable disease across the globe up until 2010.

Source: CBC News

I'm not saying that people are not dying from Covid-19, but according to the WHO's own stats, up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year and it shows no sign of slowing down. The Swine flu of 2009 was responsible for an estimated 284,00 deaths world wide. At no point during this time did we call for global shut down or agree to quarantine ourselves indoors.

We didn't lock down the world because disease is an unfortunate fact of life, some of us get sick, and yes some of us will die from illness (my father passed away this time last year from Dementia along with over 2.5 million other people) but we deal with it as best we can and we soldier on. The point is at no stage did we voluntarily hand over all of our hard won civil liberties to the government amidst blind panic.

I'm not making light of those who are suffering but lets be clear, they are talking about coming in to our homes and forcibly removing family members who may spread this disease. They are passing laws to mandate Covid-19 vaccines when they become available, digital certificates, immunity papers, in fact your very ability to leave your house indefinitely, all based on a disease that has so far supposedly caused the death of 135,569 people world wide. (I'll get to the figures shortly.)

My question is at what point do we as free sentient human beings agree to draw the line? I think the quote below by blogger Charles Rotter perfectly encapsulates my thoughts on the matter. (I highly recommend you read his article here.)

"When the coronavirus epidemic ends and the public health zealots inevitably slap themselves on the back for having prevented their own ridiculous scenarios, don’t buy it. This isn’t to say that thorough hand-washing several times a day and not sneezing and coughing in others’ faces won’t help: It will. But without the authoritarian and economically-devastating measures the U.S. and other countries are taking that are wrecking the world economy, there will be no Apocalypse Now or in the future. The streets are empty not because of direct effects of the disease, but from fear and from government dictates; as in a cognate of “dictatorship.”

2. Sweden Takes a Different Approach

“We all, as individuals, have to take responsibility. We can’t legislate and ban everything.” - Prime minister Stefan Lofven

People in Sweden seem to be going about their everyday life as normal for the most part without the government feeling the need to send the entire nation to bed with no supper. What's more, they don't seem to be doing any worse than the average country in the EU with 11,445 reported Covid-19 cases, 1,033 deaths and no new cases to date at the time of writing this post.

Taking the numbers at face value, the UK, on the other hand, has 93,873 reported cases with 12,107 deaths. Having said that, the UK has tested considerably more people (382,650) than Sweden (54,700), but even with the ratio adjusted to match the UK test figures, Sweden would still have considerably fewer deaths (7,226) than the UK. Source: World Meters) as of April 14, 2020.

Belarus is another country that has refused to lock down its citizens. At a recent Ice Hockey event packed full of people, some of whom we're practising social distancing as well as having their temperature checked, President Alexander Lukashenko told a reporter: "It's better to die standing on your feet than to live on your knees."

He also stated that "There were many people urging me to close borders, enterprises and begin a nationwide quarantine. Back then I made a principled decision: we will implement a quarantine only when it is really needed,"

Many may not necessarily agree with his views, but lets at least consider a more methodical approach driven by accurate data and real science, not propaganda and scaremongering.

Elsewhere in the world, South Korea are being praised for managing to tackle the spread of the virus without having to frighten people to death with irrational fears of the Corona Apocalypse.

Of course, there are many other variables to consider that may impact why one location may have a higher or lower number of cases such as lifestyle, diet, general health, climate, geography, virus mutation, etc. but we also need to consider that there are likely to be many more people infected than we know about simply because they have not been tested. This would indicate that the death rate is considerably lower than what we have been told.

Let's not mention the army of celebs who claim to test positive for this apocalyptic doomsday virus whilst barely showing signs of even a runny nose. At the same time, they're telling everyone to #stayathome while they swan around their mini-mansions and spew out platitudes like "we're all in this together people". Piss off.

I'm not suggesting we take zero safety measures but to blindly follow the government's draconian rules without question, whilst we hide away indoors doesn't seem like the best way to handle the situation.

As if people are not scared shitless enough already, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now talking about keeping us under house arrest for the next 18 months. Again, most of the entire world has obediently complied as we hang off their every word.

But this is not the case everywhere, apparently, from the footage I've seen, there have been anti-lockdown protests in Berlin and the US but you'll struggle to find this reported in the news.

I've been outside almost every day since 'mass house arrest' enjoying the sun, playing basketball, roller skating, working out and soaking up some much-needed vitamin D to help boost my immune system. And you don't have to look very far beyond the mainstream media to find medical experts who agree with me.

But for those who rely on state/corporate-sponsored propaganda and celebs for the view of the world, they will never get to hear an alternative view besides the watered-down, vitamin deficient goop being spoon-fed to them daily.

3. Not All Experts Agree

If the very fundamental fabric of our society is to be turned on its head, at the very least, the people responsible for this should at least have a good grasp of the science upon which their decisions are based. As it stands, this is not the case.

Here are 12 experts who question many of the narratives we have been told by our governments.

“A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.” - Dr John Ioannidis - Professor of Medicine, of Health Research and Policy and of Biomedical Data Science, at Stanford University School of Medicine and a Professor of Statistics at Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences.

Here are another 10 experts who also question the government's approach to dealing with Covid-19.

"The ill-founded opinions expressed by international experts, replicated by the media and social networks repeat the unnecessary panic that we have previously experienced. The coronavirus identified in China in 2019 caused nothing less than a strong cold or flu, with no difference so far with cold or flu as we know” - Dr Pablo Goldschmidt - Virologist specialising in tropical diseases, and Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

Whether we agree or disagree, the mere fact that there is far from a consensus on this matter means that there are conversations that need to take place that seem to be off the table. Instead, we are pumped full of fear with friends, families and partners afraid to be near each other. Clearly the science on Covid-19 is far from settled.

4. The Stats Are Not Reliable

According to Neil Ferguson, the British epidemiologist at the Imperial College, the U.K. could suffer up to 500,000 Covid-19 deaths. After some back shuffling, this was later reduced to 20,000 deaths. These flawed predictions are said to be what prompted the UK government to shut up shop.

This drastic error in prediction and subsequent fearmongering was explained by what on the surface may seem like a reasonable justification.

"The paper actually offered simulations of numerous scenarios. The one resulting in 500,000 deaths was one where Great Britain just carried on life as before. Other scenarios, where the country locked down whenever it was necessary to stop the disease’s spread" - National Review

However, we can quickly see the glaring holes in this argument given the fact that Sweden has imposed no such lockdown and appears to be doing far better than the UK in managing the spread of Covid-19 whilst refraining from stripping their citizens of their fundamental freedom.

Over in the US, even Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams admitted that the White House team is no longer using the data from The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) which they had previously based their decision to effectively shut down the entire country, — now they are apparently making decisions based on real-world data with plans to re-open parts of the US as early as May 1st.

"The IHME model has been notoriously wrong, predicting first anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 dead Americans, then dropping that several times in subsequent weeks down to 93,000, then 81,000, then down to 61,000." - Breitbart

There has been a lot of talk of 'flattening the curve' but we have automatically opted for mass house arrest based on a logic that is very debatable. The idea of herd immunity is based on a large percentage of the population acquiring the disease and building up a natural defence so countries who are not on lockdown may actually be in a better position to 'flatten this curve'.

At risk people such as the very young, old or poorly should be cared for as we would do with any contagious disease which is why people with the flu or a bad cold are told to keep away. Perhaps the vulnerable could benefit from lock down but an entire nation? The logic is seriously questionable.

The plot thickens even further as we wade in to some very deep waters. According to Dr. Rashid Buttar, board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology and Preventive Medicine; who holds fellowship status in three separate medical societies has come out blasting Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci for fake science, scaremongering, seriously inaccurate numbers and the economic collapse. Dr. Buttar goes on to call this whole situation a fake pandemic and has some strong accusations regarding criminal activity and the true nature of Covid-19.

Why is this not being discussed in the news? Or at the very least debunked?

5. More Fudged Numbers

So why has Oxford-based Group Stopped Using WHO Data for Coronavirus Reporting?

"Our World in Data researchers announced this week that they had stopped relying on World Health Organization data for their models." - Max Roser - Our World in Data, an online publication based at the University of Oxford.

In addition to that, according to the CDC 'The Centre for Disease Control...“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death,” - CDC guidelines issued March 24. "Assumed"? You really couldn't make this up, although the CDC obviously don't feel the same.

Dr Ngozi Ezike, Director of Public Heath over in the US explains how they categories Covid-19 deaths.

This means that if you die from heart disease due to a bad diet for the last 20 years but test positive of Covid-19 the day before, they'll put Covid-19 as the cause of death as per the CDC guidelines. There is a huge elephant in the room, the 'curve' is based on inaccurate data.

Remember, we have a constant stream of fear porn being beamed out all over the world based on numbers that are clearly inaccurate and if you rely on controlled media such as the BBC, SkyNews, CNBC, Facebook and Google's first page results, this will be your reality.

Given the severity of the repercussions for all of humanity, clearly, we need to scrutinise the numbers more closely.

6. The Devil Is In The Detail

The very same people responsible for the health of the world are the same organisations and private individuals like Bill Gates (Unelected Chief Science Officer of the World) who profit from the "cures" they recommend whilst being intimately linked with big pharma. Gates is the biggest private funder of the WHO second only to the US Government, and even that's debatable.

Also, over 298,700 people have signed a White House petition to have the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation' investigated by congress for medical malpractice and crimes against humanity. Gates has admitted to wanting to reduce the world population by 10-15% by means of 'vaccines and reproductive health services'. According to Robert Kennedy Jr. and other sources, Gates has invested 21 million dollars in 'under the skin technology' that allows the government to tag and track citizens to detect their compliance with new proposed vaccine laws.

As if that wasn't suspect enough, researchers discovered that vaccines funded by Bill Gates being administered to 2.3 million African girls were full of HCG, an antigen that causes miscarriages and sterilization. This guy couldn't even make a computer that didn't crash ever 5 minutes but now he wants to set the agenda for mankind.

For a more in-depth look at how global health agendas are set, you can read a very interesting and detailed report by German analysts Jens Martens and Karolin Seitz titled: "Philanthropic Power and Development"

7. Have We Forgotten How Dishonest Governments Are?

The most interesting thing about this entire Covid-19 saga is how quickly virtually the entire world (thankfully not all) has obediently accepted the draconian measures imposed by our dutiful leaders and have proceeded to give up their freedom amidst talk of 'immunity passports' so people could be allowed out of their homes, 'digital quantum-dot tattoos' implanted in the skin that hold vaccination records and the call for the silencing of anyone who dares to question as we plummet down this slippery road.

Let's be honest, governments do not have a very good track record when it comes to telling the truth, or even having their citizens best interest at heart. Governments have willingly endangered the lives of their people to further their own agenda so the idea that they are now acting in our best interest is laughable if it wasn't so serious.

It's like relying on the naughty kid in class to give you a truthful version of events despite knowing that he's a habitual liar and then proceed to make his version the official narrative and silence and 'cancel' anyone else who challenges this view.

The government are fully aware of this which may shed some light on why they have banded together with Big Tech to silence opposing views that may cause people to ask awkward questions.

For example, Is it even possible to test for a specific strain of Corona such as Covid-19? - Some doctors think otherwise and Dr. Andrew Kaufman is one of them. How did China supposedly cure 77,666+ people with Vitamin C but yet the WHO choose to push vaccines as the only cure? What new laws and legislation have they rolled out under the cover of Covid-19 and how will this affect our freedom?

One of the most bizarre things I've witnessed is how people respond when the government announces that the rate of infection has increased by 'x' or the death rate has now risen to 'y' - people genuinely believe simply because that is what they have been told.

(Not to put too finer point on it.)

I witnessed another example of this bizarre trend only a few days ago when I asked a friend if he would be taking the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Without hesitation, he responded with an unequivocal "YES" which I'm sure many others would too.

I then asked him what ingredients would be in it - he paused as the reality of my question dawned on him. I referred him to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service website (VAERS) and suggested he look into it but for the record, here is a breakdown of ingredients in the various vaccines on the market. To date, 4 Billion dollars has been paid out in vaccine court due to related injuries and death.

According to HHS, fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported. Clearly, vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all solution and to make it worse, the US government decided to grant immunity to vaccine producers with the National Childhood Injury Vaccination Act of 1986 (I'm not sure if this is the case in Europe, UK and the rest of the world so I won't speculate.)

What's happened is that many people have been scared shitless and are now operating from a place of fear which is a fight or flight response mechanism designed to react, not to think.

Thankfully this is not the case everywhere - according to NBC4 over in Columbus, Ohio, anti-lockdown protests have erupted outside the statehouse with angry citizens demanding the mayor reopen the city. This is hardly a march on Washington but at least some people are letting their voices be heard.

Interestingly, Bill Gates (Mr. Vaccine4Everything) has received thousands upon thousands of comments (119k at the time of writing this post) on his Instagram page from users literally telling him and his vaccines to 'fuck off'. Clearly, not everyone is buying the doomsday message Gates and the WHO are shovelling.

Even more interesting is the fact that Mr 'Grab-em-by-the-pussy' (President Trump) has announced that he will halt funding to the WHO due to the poor job they have done of containing the spread of Covid-19 so far. It would appear the right hand is fighting with the left and we the people have lost control of our bodily functions.

8. The Importance of Touch

Before we all became social lepers, it was widely accepted by psychologist, scientist and most emotionally well-adjusted people that touch was an integral part of how we communicate and express affection.

I think in times like this it's important to add some perspective given the impact that all of this fear-mongering and social distancing is having on us as human beings.

See links below:

No hugging: are we living through a crisis of touch?

What Lack of Affection Can Do to You

The Power of Touch and What It Means for the Elderly

Loneliness Predicts Pain, Depression, and Fatigue:Understanding the Role of Immune Dysregulation

What Happened When I Deprived Myself Of Human Touch For A Week

You'll find endless articles and books relating to the importance of touch because it is widely accepted by many doctors and scientists that a lack of touch and social connection can cause serious health issues. This has also been scientifically verified by babies and puppies the world over!

I'm not suggesting that we all completely ignore the reality of what's happening around us and behave irresponsibly but before we throw away the fundamental building blocks of what it means to be a sentient being, perhaps we need to look at things more from a rational mind state rather than responding to blind fear and panic.

The masses of people fighting over toilet roll in stores perfectly illustrates what happens when people give in to fear instead of looking at the facts balanced with common sense.

9. I Won't Be Jumping On The Virtual Bandwagon Due To Covid-19

What prompted me to write this piece was a request from a journalist at one of the mainstream publications who wanted me to contribute to a story about how the lockdown was affecting the sex industry with the focus now shifting from physical contact to virtual online interactions.

Under non-apocalyptic conditions, I'd have happily contributed as I do think online services are a fantastic way to connect with people. But given the current official narrative of social distancing and adapting to a life void of physical contact, (the "new norm" apparently) is not something I support so it's best I don't chime in - besides, I doubt they'd ever publish my views so I decided to post my thoughts in my own little corner of the web for anyone who cares to listen.

For the record, I'm no martyr nor am I sitting here stroking neverending piles of cash but if this is the shape of society to come, I'd rather go do something else altogether. As I mentioned at the start of this post, this is not my usual type of subject to blog about but given the extraordinary times we find ourselves in I felt the need to speak on it. And there we have it - 9 Reasons Why I don't agree with Social Distancing.

Free Speech and Censorship

On the subject of big brother censorship, this post was removed from Medium (a blogging platform) citing that "Health claims or advice which, if acted on, are likely to have detrimental health effects on persons or public safety" - It seems I am guilty of something but they didn't specify and there was nothing in their small print to indicate what blasphemous sin I had committed.

Censorship of free speech is a very slippery slope. Let's not forget that Nelson Mandela who is now celebrated the world over as a bonafide saint was once considered a terrorist by UK and US governments during the apartheid ear in South Africa.

German medical law specialist Beate Bahner recently experienced just how slippery this slope really is after being taken to a psychiatric ward for attempting to sue the German government claiming the Covid-19 lockdown is unconstitutional and in violation of Germans' fundamental rights. According to reports, the police handcuffed her and pushed her to the ground “with brutal force,” Bahner said, in an audio recording attributed to her and which has since been widely circulated online.

If governments have the 'authority' to ban one, they have the 'authority' to ban all if it suits their agenda. Speech is either an inalienable right for all, (whether we agree with what's being said or not), or it's subjective - the problematic question is who gets to decide?

Speaking of 'WHO', Facebook recently teamed up with the World Health Organisation to decide what information users will be permitted to post on their platform regarding Covid-19. Here's the problem, in January, the WHO tweeted to 7.4 million followers that according to Chinese sources, authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus.

Then in February, the WHO recommended not wearing a mask unless you're sick or caring for virus patients. A few days later, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said all New Yorkers must wear masks in public. The point is that if someone wanted to challenge or perhaps state an alternative opinion about the WHO's statements they would be censored from doing so - whether true or false.

I suspect by now you may have realised that I do not believe we live in a free society nor do I believe that government (or anyone for that matter) has the divine right to rule. But for a much more comprehensive analysis of our willingness to trust and obey authority figures and the dangers that can pose to our civil liberties, I'd highly recommend you listen to 'The Most Dangerous Superstition' by Larken Rose.

To End On A Brighter Note...

I thought I'd finish on a more positive note and perhaps provide a clearer perspective on Covid-19 from Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D, a well respected holistic doctor who offers some very good insight into Covid-19 and some possible solutions.

While I don't agree with everything he says, he does appear to strike a good balance of caution and prevention with a rationale that I suspect many people might agree with.

Dr. Gabriel also provides some good advice about lifestyle as well as a lot of information about what other doctors are doing to help people who are feeling rough due to Covid-19 or any other ailment. Dr. Gabriel also provides a long list of vitamins and minerals that you may want to consider to help boost your immune system. Here is a LINK to his article which is definitely worth a read.

Whether you agree or disagree with my views, I hope I have given you some food for thought. I hope that more people will at least start to question what we are being told. I hope that we are able to have open and honest discussions without big brother censoring and dictating what we allowed to see and hear. I hope that we operate from a place of love and truth, rather than a place of fear and misinformation.

Most of all I hope that the next time you see a loved one whom you've been separated from, you'll be able to give them a warm full-bodied hug and show genuine affection without fear of catching what appears to be no worse than a bad cold.

Stay safe, stay free.

Peace, love & great sex,


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