The Seven Veils Video - A Super Erotic Sex Guide

Thanks for all your emails requesting this - I've finally gotten around to creating a video for 'The Seven Veils'!!!! If this is the first time you've heard of 'The Seven Veils', I wrote about this in a post back in July 2018 and it received a really good response so creating a video for it has been on my to-do-list for a while.

The Seven Veils is an intimate Taoist sexual practice designed to help partners connect on a much deeper level sexually ...and it's super fucking intense so be ready if you choose to embark upon this journey.

Actually, something really interesting happened last year when I was away with a client that's so random I have to share with you.

So I was attending a 'Seven Veils' tantric workshop being run by a lovely couple in India last year which was amazing. One day I was sitting in class and the teacher said "guys, I want to read you something that I think you'll enjoy" - after about 15 seconds in, I started to feel like I've heard it all before - I wasn't being dismissive, I'd literally heard it all before because she was reading my post without even realising I'd written it.

Needless to say, once I'd cottoned on I sat there in quite amusement and allowed her to finish as the other student seem to be rather engaged. At the end, the client who I was with pointed out to her that I was the one who'd written it and we all had a good laugh. (It was one of those stories where you had to be there but I thought I'd share it with you as I still find it amusing so humour me!)

I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for all your kind emails, I appreciate them a lot.

Peace, Love & Great Sex,


You can download the ebook and audio version of 'The Seven Veils' here.

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