5 Illogical Assumptions About Paying For Sex (Video)

Back in March (2019) I wrote a piece titled "Illogical Assumptions About Paying for Sex" which some of you found quite interesting so I decided to make a short video for it.

For those of you who haven't read it, this piece was in response to many of the assumptions that some people make about women who pay for sex. And as usual, these views are often sexist, uninformed and rather narrow. I hope this video helps to clear up some of the confusion and taboos around women who pay for sex.

There's more to come so watch this space - and if you have any suggestions for future posts (or videos) I'd love to hear them.

BTW!!! Google decided to send my last email directly to spam as it included the dreaded word 'sex' in the title so incase you missed it, I've launched a nude photo collection which is now available in my new shop.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned as there's plenty more to come.

Peace, Love & Great Sex,


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