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Thank you all for such a warm response to my 'Nude' film - I'm really glad you've enjoyed it.

It's taken a lot of work but I'm pleased to welcome you all to the grand opening of the 'Nude' shop where I have selected 4 images for a limited edition collection.

I'm smiling with a devilish grin as I write this because I'm imagining the untethered souls out there who would be brave enough to hang one of these very large photos on your wall;)

These photos will only be available in the UK and limited to 25 in total. I've sourced really good quality custom made wooden frames and very high definition prints so every detail can be... erm 'captured.'

I've never really considered myself an exhibitionist but this project has been an interesting journey of self expression and I'm really pleased to be able to share it with you.

Thanks again for all your emails and warm comments, I appreciate it and there's definitely more to come so watch this space.

Peace, love & great sex,


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