Lust - Love's Dirty Little Sister

Throughout the ages, poor old lust has been given a really bad rep. Smeared with taboo, branded a sin under pain of eternal damnation, love's dirty whore of a sister and the polar opposite of 'good and proper.' It's something to be hidden away and spoken of in hushed tones and whispers.

But despite all this, lust remains the uncompromising all-consuming desire that possesses the minds of those caught in its web. And there lies the problem, we're scared of it because it's difficult to tame. We're afraid of losing control and giving in to base instinct. But why does it need to be tamed? It's much sexier to unleash it.

Fantasies of being filled and fucked so deep your insides moisten at the thought. Firm hands wrapped around your body restraining you in positions that allow for parts of your pussy to be stroked that you never thought possible. Nothing else matters at that moment as you give in and ask to be fucked deeper and harder as you cum uncontrollably.

You were tempted by the devil and you promise never to do it again. But we both know that's a lie because your pussy still salivates at the thought of being fucked so good you can feel it for days.

Lust is branded fleeting and superficial, for giddy young couples not yet familiar with the reality of how things really work. I don't buy that, lust is just as valid emotion as love, affection, desire and compassion. It deserves a seat at the table just like the others and I see no reason why they can't all coexist together in harmony if nurtured in the right way. Like, "can't we all just get along?"

No sooner had I written the paragraph above when this text came through from a client that encapsulates my point perfectly.

"I woke up thinking about you and when I stood up, I was so wet, it reached down to the top of my inner thigh."

(Anonymous client text, posted with permission)

Fuck, I totally love making a woman feel this way and it's not about me stroking my ego. I mean, how sexy is that? It seriously turns me on and makes me want to please her even more. It's definitely lust but there's a lot more included in this heady cocktail of attraction.

Lust is more than just a fleeting desire to ravage and consume although I'm definitely good with that too. It's also about chemistry, connection, desire, communication, passion and affection and that doesn't happen overnight. Who said this euphoric state of mind can't exist outside of love and a white picket fence? It doesn't need to be exclusive to be special, it doesn't need to last forever to be beautiful and it doesn't need to be love to be real.

But over time, sex becomes predictable and mundane as we settle down and life begins to take its toll. Call me idealistic, but why can't we strive to have it all? And who said one person should be responsible for fulfilling all our sordid sexual fantasies for the next 50 years?

If you can find it within a loving long term relationship, that's fantastic but however you manage to maintain an insanely good sex life, it's unlikely to happen unless you're both willing to invest the time and give yourself permission to indulge beyond imagined taboos.

Life has a way of encouraging us to trade in lustful desire for comfort under the guise of maturity and "doing the right thing" but eventually, that trade often comes up short and is unable to deliver.

They say youth is wasted on the young, but if you're as young as you feel, it's also wasted on the old.

Peace, love and good sex,


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