The Politically Incorrect Musings of An Alpha Male

I'll start by addressing the reason for the title of this post, in particular the use of the term 'politically incorrect'. According to the dictionary, 'Political Correctness' means:

"The avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalise, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against."

This sounds perfectly acceptable but based on my observations 'Political Correctness' usually sums up the behaviour of those wishing to be all things to all people with an unwillingness to nail their colours to the mast for fear of being scorned by the masses or even worse, held accountable for their thoughts and views. So with that in mind, and given my openness about my chosen profession as a high-class escort, this is not a doctrine I subscribe to. Now on to the business of being an alpha male in today's society. This topic is as divisive as it is subjective so I'll start by throwing my own definition into the ring for your considered perusal. What Is An Alpha Male? There are many words that I could use to describe typical alpha male traits like strong, decisive, brave, competitive, aggressive, protective, reliable, responsible, ect. but ultimately it comes down to a man's ability to be true to his biological, physical and mental disposition in service to himself, his family and society as a whole. These traits are of course not exclusive to men but our physiological and psychological makeup means we are more inclined to lean heavily towards these traits which science and evolutionary biology support. There's a good reason why men have historically been sent off to fight wars while women operated behind the scenes. Men are typically stronger, more aggressive and single-minded so it's logical that they were the ones doing the shooting. Although this has definitely not always been the case as women have also fought on the frontline in all-female armies. But it's been men who have usually been the one's most eager to kill each other at the behest of our benevolent leaders. The Feminisation Of Men

It's no secret that men are being feminised within our society. From the content spewed out by mainstream media and activist groups, to government legislation and corporate influence, there appears to be a concerted effort to strip men of their inherent right to be masculine.

Interestingly enough, the same governments and corporations who push the agenda to demasculinise men could if they chose to, address some of the real issues affecting women such as paternity laws that force women back to work prematurely, extortionate child care costs, the attack on abortion rights, slut-shaming and domestic abuse but instead they choose to focus on made up issues like 'toxic masculinity' as if masculinity itself is fundamentally tyrannical. Where there is a vacuum, nature will fill the void and this is a huge part of the reason why many women have either by choice or necessity adopted more typically masculine traits. The result is that men and women are increasingly stressed and unhappy and have been pitted against each other not only in the workplace but in the home as well. The agenda is and always has been the control of society through division and confusion. So while we're busy fighting each other, the powers that be continue to present straw men for us to burn at the stake. Truth is, weak men don't challenge those in power, they follow. Society Needs Masculine Men

A healthy society needs strong masculine men who are willing to stand up for what they believe in. That's not to say that we don't need strong women too but for the last 30 plus years or so, men have often been portrayed as lazy, incompetent 'Boris-esqe' buffoons who are incapable of completing the simplest of task from changing a light bulb to changing a nappy. It is so prevalent within society as a whole that it has become cliche and the effects of this type of programming is evident. The Nuts magazine reading, porno addict lager lout with a potbelly and double D man boobs plumped in front of the TV in his boxers is an image we're all familiar with. This is the type of male specimen presented to young boys growing up that instils a lack of self-respect and low aspirational values. Strong masculine male role models are needed in homes, schools and wider society so young boys can look up to them and emulate their behaviour. Thankfully we're not all going off to fight illegal proxy wars in the Middle East but strong men are still needed to speak up against the tide of politically correct pussified men who require "safe spaces" to voice their opinions and prefer to blindly follow the crowd because it seems like the 'progressive' thing to do. Peace and Love,

Madison James

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