Have You Ever Really Made Love To Yourself?

Have you ever, in all your years of being sexually active, really taken the time to gift yourself to yourself? I mean really taken the time to caress and stroke and lick and kiss yourself like how you'd want a partner to?

Many women use masturbation as a way to relieve sexual frustration and the stresses of daily life. The often unfulfilling 5 to 10-minute race to orgasm before rolling over and falling asleep. This is sadly all too common but what I'm talking about is something entirely different.

I'm talking about really taking the time to make love to yourself with every fibre of your being. I'm talking about engaging all of your senses from touch, to smell, to sight, hearing and taste - all tuned in to your most powerful sex organ, the brain.

Have you given yourself permission to fully enjoy what you have willingly gifted to others in the past? Do you carry around guilt instilled in you as a child when you were told not to touch that part of your body? Do you feel you need another to caress you in the way you really want to be touched?

Have you ever lay naked on your bed with candles and soft music in the background while you slowly and lovingly caress your body from head to toe? Have you massaged your breast and felt your pussy tingle as you breathe from your stomach? Have you moved your hips to the rhythm of your sensual moans and groans as you unlock your sexual power with every thrust?

Or how about the longing tease as you stroke the inside of your thighs in the opposite direction and reveal the wetness of your pussy as the lips part? Your erect clitoris that forms a network of erotic pleasure that sends shockwaves out into the universe? With your eyes closed and your head gently rolling back and forth as you try to come to terms with the amount of pleasure you're able to experience on your own.

When was the last time you slowly worked your finger around the entrance of your pussy longing to feel your fingers so deep inside it causes you to wrap your arms around your body in a warm embrace? Have you ever been so aroused that you become lightheaded from all the blood surging through your body?

It's not about a quick release or finishing yourself off after intercourse. It's about lovingly appreciating the gift that nature has bestowed upon you as a beautiful woman. It's something to be cherished and explored free of guilt and shame. There's no judgment or expectation as you remain present and exist purely in the now.

What I'm talking about goes way beyond an orgasm and even sex itself. I'm talking about using your sexuality to energise your life on every level. Enjoying the wetness in your knickers instead of feeling the need to change them. Enjoying the warm feeling in your stomach that you can sense travel throughout your entire body as you move through the world.

Don't keep your sexuality locked away in a box until you're in bed with someone else waiting for them to set you free. This is a feeling that words cannot fully articulate but once you experience it, words are no longer required. This is intuition, raw desire and passion, this is the very definition of self-love and divine power from within.

All you have to do is let go and allow your body to guide you.

Peace and Love,

Madison x

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