"Flirting With My Tight Little Cunt..."

A few weeks ago I received a dick hardening email from a reader/listener who wanted to share her appreciation for my Orgasmic Hypno audio experience. This is what she had to say...

Dear Mr. James, I hope you don‘t mind me using this way to share a naughty little thank you with you. Your podcast is a gift in exploring my body, sexuality and needs. Your voice alone is responsible for so, so many fantasies - and that is a pleasure. I wrote the following lines after hearing and experiencing "Hypnosis: A Dark Orgasmic Experience." I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them... I want you to feel my warm breath across your lips. My nose brushing past, my bottom lip touching ever so slightly. Taking my time. Savoring your flesh on my lips. Dragging my tongue as I lower towards your dick. I want you to feel that slow tease of the tip of your dick. Your cock being sucked into my mouth. That first little gush as my tongue begins to flick. I want you to feel my Lion’s hunger, my desire, as my pace quickens. I want you to grab the back of my head and moan out. I want you to feel my mouth wrapped around your dick until you need to be inside me. Until you can’t take the torture of my mouth any longer. I want you to feel me climb your body. Licking and biting along the way. Feeling my mouth on your neck. I want you to feel those chills before I find my way to your mouth. I want you to taste yourself on my tongue. I want you to feel the tip of your throbbing cock flirting with my tight little cunt. Those needy moans you let out as your nails dig into my flesh. Your legs wrapping me up. Doing all you can to get inside me. I want you to feel that first thrust. Pushing into me. Stretching those walls. Filling me. I want you to slowly find a rhythm with my eyes locked to yours. I want you to make me feel how hard you are for me. I want you to thrust harder and harder. Hear my growls as I build to what you need the most. I want you to take what is yours. I want you to feel me explode with a lustfilled aggression. I want you to feel the embrace, like we can’t get close enough. I want you to feel the euphoria, the ecstacy of the moment. Thank you for everything you do, Sir. Love,


Needless to say, this email caught my attention, as well as my imagination so I wanted to openly (with permission) express my delight that this woman took the time to share her lustful thoughts which I actively encourage - thank you!

If you haven't yet experienced this Orgasmic Hypno audio experience, I invite you to do so the next time you're alone and your pussy is dripping wet with an aching desire to be fucked like never before. Enjoy.

Peace and Love,

Madison x


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