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Regular readers of my blog may have heard me speak about my love of Qigong and how it helped me when I was suffering from a bad back.

It was actually a client who insisted that I attend a special retreat for 7 days in China where I learnt this ancient form of Chinese Martial Arts designed to strengthen and purify the body.

Qigong has had a profound effect on me, not only healing my back but also making me stronger and more agile than before. If I'm honest, I haven't felt this good in a very very long time, it has really made a difference, especially given the 'physical nature' of my work. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to condition their body and enhance their inner peace (and improve their sex life!)

Over the weekend a friend decided to take a few shots while I was working out which I thought I'd share. Hope you had a great weekend whatever you were doing.

You can learn more about Qigong here.

Peace and Love,

Madison x

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