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I've been meaning to write this post for some time but it wasn't until I started my Qigong routine this morning that I felt compelled to do so.

This line of work has benefitted me in so many ways from the friendships I have formed with clients to the impact of my experiences on my personal life.

In early 2018 I was suffering for quite some time with what seemed to be sciatica from all the hours spent sitting at my desk. I had actually been in pain for at least 12 months prior with no sign of improvement.

It came to a head when I was with a client and I wasn't even able to sit on cushions with my legs folded. It was my intention to soldier on through the pain in the hope that my body would heal itself but my client wasn't having any of it.

She took it upon herself to check me into a wellbeing resort nearly 6,000 miles away which required us hopping on a plane. She gifted me with a series of private lessons with a Qigong (a form of Tai-chi) master - that was a little over a year ago.

I posted this video of my Qigong session recorded this morning because not only has 90% of the pain gone, but I am stronger and more supple than I have felt in years. Going from struggling to sit down to being able to move freely without needing any drugs or medical intervention has been absolutely life changing and I am forever indebted to her kindness.

There have been other clients who have also had a massive impact on my life going far above and above anything I would have expected of them and I really want to acknowledge that.

Many of us often focus on the things that are not right in our lives but we always have something to be grateful for. Just the fact that we are able to open our eyes each day and breathe air into our lungs is something we can all give thanks for. Especially as we deal with many of the problems that arise on our journey through life.

Showing gratitude is not about ignoring the harsh realities of life, it is about creating the reality in which we choose to live. Spiritual healers, doctors and scientist alike agree that what we think and feel not only has the power to affect our bodies and minds, but also the world around us.

I'd like to share this video with you regarding how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality and how we have the power to change them based on our thoughts.

Thank you so much to all those who have supported me over the years, you've really helped to change my life for the better. It is my intention to continue to assist you on your path of sexual development in the best way I can.

I appreciate you all, thank you.

Peace and Love,


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