A Self-Love Manifesto

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Maybe, I don't tell you this often enough, Especially when times are rough. But, I love you.

Maybe, we don't spend enough time together. But you're part of me, And will remain forever.

I may neglect you, And let others take you for granted.

But you alone, Can bring forth life, When a seed is planted.

I've shared you with others in the past. I've let them inside you, But the passion didn't last.

My hope was that they'd see, What I wished I could be. But in reality, All that I want, Is within me.

My essence, resides within the stars. My soul eternal, On astral planes, I travel far.

I am pure energy, Born of light, and burning fire. There no substance known, That could quell, my desire.

I own you, To do with as I please. To feel you, taste you, You could bring the world to its knees.

Because you, are life. You, are the truth. The coveted, But often abused.

But through all the pain, The oppression and neglect, I know your worth, Even though others may forget.

So I don't rely, On the fleeting whims of the external. Because we're connected, And my love for you, is eternal.

You are mine, And mine alone. Wet with desire, My sacred yoni, My love, My home.

Peace and Love,


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