The Orgasm Tee By Madison James

"I own my orgasm" tee by Madison James

I receive emails from women all over the world who are not sexually satisfied for one reason or another.

Firstly, it's humbling that you would choose to open up to me regarding such a personal and intimate matter so I'd like to acknowledge that and express my gratitude. It means a lot.

Secondly, this got me thinking about the bigger issue at hand which is that our reference for sexual fulfilment is often external, meaning that we rely heavily on others for sexual gratification.

Of course, this is completely natural and in my opinion, it's a partner's 'duty' to ensure that their significant other is fulfilled sexually, and there are many that do. But ultimately, it's our responsibility to ensure that we are sexually satisfied and that starts with our ability to love ourselves in the most intimate of ways.

The idea of 'owning your orgasm' is something that I've often spoken about but I think it's so important I've decided to put it on a t-shirt which you can get your hands on in my new boutique store if you're brave enough to wear one - or perhaps you can just frame it and hang it on your wall if you're not quite there yet;)

This is not just about enjoying an orgasm or pleasuring yourself, this is about empowering yourself and taking control of your desires.

Many may have lost their confidence or sexual desire due to a toxic relationship or the stresses of life but you always have the power to take it back because it belongs to you and no one else.

The way to take it back is through deep hot passionate self-love. Self-love means you don’t need another person to make you feel sensual. Self-love means you don’t need another to make you feel like a woman. So long as you give someone else that power, you’ll never know true love from within.

Yes, an orgasm can feel amazing but it definitely doesn’t always need to be the goal, especially when teaching yourself how to feel love again. If and when you orgasm, let go and fully surrender to it but don’t let it always be your goal.

Learn to keep the sensation instead of always trying to release. Learn to build and maintain a subtle level of arousal that keeps your pussy wet all the time, just for you. Learn to love yourself and learn to enjoy the sensation of arousal, you have the right to do so - that's what I mean when I say 'own your orgasm.'

Sexual arousal lives in the mind, but desire comes from the soul, so nurture it from deep within and truly surrender to it. It's powerful enough to permeate every aspect of your life, how you think, how you talk, how you move, how you interact with others and how you see the world. It literally shapes your reality, even on a scientific level.

Think of it as a life force that recharges your batteries as you face the world. It's your feminine essence and it’s your way of tuning in to your body and mind and tapping into the infinite power that lies within all of us.

You’ve gifted your body and mind to partners in the past but have you really gifted your body and mind to yourself?

Well, start by owning your orgasmic energy, and if you like, I'll even take you by the hand with my free orgasmic hypno audio experience. And if you'd like to take it a step further, listen to my live Wicked Pillow Talk telephone experience.

If you're feeling really empowered (brave) and want to make a statement, you can find out how to grab one of my orgasm tees from my boutique store here.

20% of all profits go to Savera UK, a fantastic charity working with black and ethnic minority communities to challenge attitudes towards domestic abuse and harmful practices such as forced marriage, ‘honour’ based abuse and female genital mutilation. Learn more about Savera UK here.

Peace and love,


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