Shit Test - All Women Do It

All women do it. It's ingrained. Even without ever having heard of it, you're probably instinctively acquainted with it.

Simply put, a 'shit test' is something that a woman will say or do in order to find out if a man possesses the traits and values that are important to her or if he's full of shit.

It's a woman's way of finding out if she can trust a man to be strong, protective and reliable. Will he cave at the first hint of discord as he seeks approval or will he stick to his convictions and do what he thinks is right.

In this day and age, with women needing to be strong in order to compete with men, this can be a very confusing area to navigate for both sexes. This often results in women feeling frustrated and exasperated with cries of 'where are all the real men these days'. And men left scratching their heads thinking "what the hell do you want from me?"

Here are examples of classic shit tests that women have used on men probably since Jesus wore short pants.

  • Shall we split the bill?

  • You don't have to open the door for me.

  • No, I want to walk on the outside of the curb.

  • Don't worry, I'll catch a taxi.

  • I don't fancy cooking tonight.

  • That shelf needs to go up.

  • My feet are killing me.

  • Can you pop to the dry cleaners for me?

  • Can you put the rubbish out?

In all these instances, most women are perfectly capable of handling all these situations on their own but they'll still ask the question anyway.

Where men go wrong, is that we're distracted by the sizzle, paying too much attention to the content and ignoring the underlying motive (the steak) for asking the question in the first place. Not the best analogy for an aspiring vegan but I digress.

In most if not all of these instances, the real question is how much do you care and can I rely on you to be there for me. Will you support and protect me when I need it or will you act like a pussy and bury your head in the sand? How important is my happiness to you or are you just securing your access to sex? Will you prioritise me and put my feelings first when things get difficult?

For the most part, women are not even aware that they are shit testing men because it's a hardwired method of assessing risk and compatibility when selecting a partner.

Much of the desire to shit test is born out of insecurity which causes us to ask certain questions to provoke a response. The best way to deal with a shit test is to address the underlying issue and not get caught up with surface level confetti.

Humour, affection, attention, showing that you care, letting her know that you get it, and even calling out her shit test will do more to ease her mind than the actual task at hand. Having said that, sometimes she'll just want you to put the rubbish out because it's stinking up the kitchen - it's not always that deep.

Much of this boils down to understanding that equality does not mean that we are the same in every way. In my experience, most women are relieved when they are in the company of a man who is able to take control and allow her to embrace her feminine - especially alpha females.

But they'll only allow themselves to let go if the man is able to demonstrate that he's worthy of submission. The stronger the woman, the more she'll shit test which is why powerful successful women are often seen as ball breakers.

Ironically, I find it's this type of woman who craves a strong dominant man who can take control the most. But she struggles to fully let go and release because her mind won't allow her to unless he's deserving of it.

When the right buttons are pushed, she'll instinctively revert back to her feminine essence and gladly submit - I've never heard a sweeter more intense orgasm.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus but I disagree. We are all from the same planet, however, we speak an entirely different language. The good thing is that with any language, it can be learnt if there is a desire to do so.

Peace and Love,


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