A Woman's Response To My Hypno Orgasmic Audio Experience

I'd like to thank all of you who have shared your experiences of my Hypno Orgasmic podcast with me. I really appreciate you for allowing me to lead you on such an intimate journey.

There is one such experience sent in via email where a listener has been kind enough to allow me to publish her thoughts. I'm especially grateful to her for sharing such an intimate and insightful moment which I can tell really meant a lot to her.

Published in her own words with permission, this is what she had to say... (Identifier details have been omitted for privacy).

Mr. James,

It felt amazing! I found myself somewhat apprehensive about trying the experience at first. A girlfriend of mine sent a link to your Cosmopolitan interview, just as a topic of discussion via our text. One link lead to another, and I was soon on your site. In my initial response thanking you, I said "I don't know what made me try your audio experience...." but if I'm being absolutely honest with myself, there were a few things in the interview and on your site which nudged me to give it a go.

After the interview, I read a bit of your blog and was already a little hot under the collar by the time I saw your podcast section. You convey intelligence, raw sexuality, and dominance; all are attributes to which I respond very easily. Your stunning photographs certainly didn't hurt my arousal, either.

Before I knew it, I had already dug my headphones out of my purse, and I was counting my breath with you. Your voice is pure magic. The first few seconds, I imagined that I was just listening out of curiosity. I remained clothed, seated on the edge of my bed. Then, sometime during the first few minutes, I decided to actually give it a go and submit to your willingness to guide me. I closed the bedroom door, stripped, laid on the bed, and replayed your podcast from the beginning. I did exactly as I was told, which was, truthfully, what I had been craving desperately.

The idea that my hands were yours was so alluring to me, and I was allowed to fully let go under this pretence. You used the word "frustrated," a few times, and at that point, I knew you really knew what you were doing. It's rare to find someone who understands that frustration and buildup can be the key to happiness in the end. I don't know if I'd have been as receptive to your podcast, especially after having not had a climax in some time, if there hadn't been such a languid, slow buildup. Of course, the combined physical and mental teasing was very well done on your part.

You're obviously cognizant of the ways in which teasing certain erogenous zones help to make the eventual release that much more fulfilling. Even more skilled was your ability to string me along mentally. By using specific words and turns of phrase, or by asking for a verbal response from the listener at certain moments, the hour was exceptionally engaging.

Hearing your own enjoyment, too, was of paramount importance. The words on the tagline of your podcast lit me up as I listened: "this is 100% real." You're obviously someone who takes pride and enjoyment in your craft, and allowing that to show makes all the difference. I think a lot of women enjoy themselves under the conceit that their lover is also deriving pleasure from the encounter. It can be a catch-22 because sometimes we tend to focus primarily on our partner's enjoyment.

Going too far that way, and a woman might not take the time for her own pleasure during an encounter. Going too far the other way, wherein a lover attempts to make it "all about her," and there is a primal component of reciprocity which is missing. Especially for those women who may fall on the more submissive side of the spectrum - we take as much enjoyment out of hearing you climax as we do in achieving our own.

And oh, did I ever enjoy hearing you.

It was very clever to insist on headphones for that reason. As I heard our breath quickening, and my soft moaning book matched against your growls, I became even more vocal. Had I not had the headphones in, I might've drowned out the sound of your voice between my own noises and the rush of blood in my ears. And, yes. It did rush. Occasionally, I find that if I hadn't climaxed in a while, the first one after even a short time can be somewhat weak. Light. Not fully realized. Almost teasing.

This was not so with the climax I had during your guided experience. It was powerful waves of pleasure and happiness, and it was timed absolutely perfectly. I thought back afterwards, and I genuinely hadn't had an orgasm since my mid 20's due to various mitigating circumstances. I'm x years old now, for reference. The years of ignoring that part of myself came out in a deluge of relief. I know this sounds silly because your voice is pre-recorded, but I imagined immediately after climax that you knew exactly what you'd done for me.

I have no doubt this feeling of connection is absolutely on purpose - even if it's not directed at me, specifically. I can tell you choose your words and intonation very carefully, and in this way, I'm certain you're able to help many women in a similar fashion. You've obviously spent a lot of time studying people, and you're evidently very skilled at translating what you've learned into sensual healing and release.

I've heard that most men are primarily visual, and most women are primarily aural. I know this is just a stereotype, but it certainly holds true for me, so I might be especially susceptible to the cadence of your voice and the effects of your words. It did feel incredibly intimate to let myself over to the subtly dominant aspects of your guidance, and yet I was completely at ease because I was, in actuality, alone. I so appreciate the ability to have experienced your guided audio. You're truly talented.

In the days since first listening to the Hypnosis podcast, I've felt much more attuned to my body than before. Though I haven't jumped back into the deep end of my sexuality again, I feel immensely more human just knowing I'm still capable of sensuality and arousal. I have also checked out your other podcasts, which are fascinating.

I appreciate you sharing your experience and insight with us!

With Gratitude,


I really appreciate the fact that this woman took the time to share her thoughts and feelings in such an intimate and articulate manner. They say that everyone is a teacher and I'm always grateful for the opportunity to learn and further improve the experiences that I am able to share with you all.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't aroused after reading her email. I find it utterly sexy hearing from a woman who's embraced her sexuality in a way that empowers her. If you haven't already listened to my Hypno Orgasmic Experience, I'd like to invite you to make a date to free your mind and truly let go as we orgasm together.

And for those who have already listened to it, I'm sure you realised that what you heard was a very real orgasmic release that I thoroughly enjoyed! - I hope you did too.

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Peace and Love,


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