Wicked Pillow Talk: A New Telephone Experience

Wicked Pillow Talk is so devilishly cruel I almost feel guilty unleashing it upon you - almost. Conjured up in the twisted mind of a sexual deviant, this orgasmic telephone experience is guaranteed to have you shapeshifting and contorting in bed like the exorcist.

Picture a quiet peaceful night at home alone in bed with a glass of wine and soft music playing in the background. All of a sudden the phone rings causing your heart to race uncontrollably as you pick up.

Frozen like a deer in headlights, you brace yourself as you hear my voice and we embark on a journey of carnal pleasure.

You're completely naked, pussy dripping wet in anticipation as time stands still. From this moment onwards you're bound by my words as you follow my every instruction.

Stroking, caressing, rubbing, licking, fingering and massaging every accessible inch of your body on my command. As I tease and torture you with arousal beyond all level of comprehension, you're overcome with the desire to release. You'll have fantasies of me deep inside you as you slowly stroke your clit begging me to let you cum.

But whilst you're under my spell, your orgasm belongs to me and I decide if and when you surrender to the throbbing sensation. How much more can you take as waves of pleasure ripple through your entire body? Will the yearning to release overwhelm your senses as your eyes roll back in your head? Will I let you cum or will I make you channel all that intense sexual energy deep within.

IF I do decide to allow you the pleasure of release, how will your orgasm sound as it echos down the phone? Will you embrace your primal instincts and wail like a banshee or will you repress it for fear of disturbing the neighbours?

Whatever I decide, you'll be completely at my mercy and loving every fucking minute of it. With innocence gone and your good girl persona shattered into a thousand pieces, you'll be wet for days reliving moments of nefarious delight. Utterly mind fucked, your body will never feel the same again.

Yours truly,


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