Why So Many Women Struggle To Orgasm

One of the most common issues affecting a lot of the women I spend time with is difficulty in achieving orgasm. This is something that seems to be a much wider issue and is the cause of much anguish.

Many believe that there is something wrong with them or perhaps they're not sexy enough to stimulate their partner or a number of other reasons that may come up as they search internally for answers.

The truth is that there is usually nothing wrong with these women at all and they are perfectly capable of experiencing intense and amazing orgasm so long as they feel comfortable and can trust their partner.

If you struggle to orgasm this will often be down to you not feeling like you can truly let go and embrace what your pussy and mind are really capable of. This can take a lot of nurturing in the right environment especially if you have a deep-seated negative belief system about yourself.

Low self-esteem is often a major factor if you are not enjoying your sex life as much as you could and it takes time to reprogramme your mind and body. If you're fortunate enough to have an understanding partner who is willing to invest the time to help nurture your sexual energy in a healthy way this can really make a difference. However, even if you are single you can still take the time to enjoy the gift of your own sexuality and explore your body and all the magical sensations that lay hidden within.

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The point is that if you do experience difficulty around being able to orgasm in most cases there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and if you take the time to learn how to love yourself in a way that you feel comfortable, you can enjoy amazingly intense orgasms that will ripple throughout your entire body for days.

I don't think it's healthy for anyone to be reliant on a partner for their sexual gratification because that's way too much responsibility to place on another, especially as feelings and emotions are ever evolving.

If we can only thrive on the affection and admiration of others, we will suffer when it's no longer forthcoming. Sexuality lies within so learning to love ourselves should be at the core of our sexual development.

The human body is amazing and we should all take the time to appreciate the gift that we have so often shared with others.

Peace and love,


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