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It has been quite some time since I've posted anything on my blog but in my defence, the last few months have been seriously manic, but it's not without good reason.

On a monthly basis, I receive at least a dozen or so emails from guys who are interested in escorting. And if any of you are reading this I'd like to sincerely apologise for not being able to respond to most of you but I do have good news.

But before I get to that, I feel I should also apologise to everyone else who attempted to contact me over the last few months including clients and colleagues as one of my email accounts was down and I had no clue. I promise I was not ignoring you!:)

So, with that said, let me fill you in - The one thing that I have noticed about the guys contacting me for advice is their desire to please women and a willingness to learn. I think these are key attributes for this line of work but there are very limited resources out there to help male escorts in the profession. With this in mind, I decided to pull together a small team to create a consultancy specifically for male escorts called 'Madison James Consulting'. This is a brand new venture that I'm super excited about as I'm sure many will find it a useful resource.

This new consultancy provides new (and experienced) escorts with all the tools they need to become successful in this field from sleek web design to showcase their talents, marketing advice to grow your business and insightful consultations with myself on how to get into the industry, as well as mentoring and personal/sexual development as a whole.

The website went live on Christmas day and I've had 4 hours sleep for the last 7 days in a row. (And I missed Christmas dinner:( I've also given my own Madison James website a facelift and added some very sexy new experiences that I hope some of you will get to enjoy along with a completely new booking system and an improved FAQ's section.

I'm not one to do anything by half so this new venture should be no exception. We create classy websites for male escorts along with one-on-one consultations with me about how to break into this industry and make a good living.

I also provide a detailed 'how-to become a male escort' guide based on all the various questions I have received over the years about escorting. All this is available on the website along with examples of the sites we create and the various packages available.

And to go the extra mile, as I always try to, I've included some of my very own marketing tactics that have landed me in Marie Claire, The Times, Cosmopolitan, The Sun and more. I've never really been one for shiny press releases but this is really a fantastic offering for the many guys out there who want to get involved in the industry but are unsure how to go about it.

And as a goodwill gesture, over the next few weeks, I'll be offering limited consultations slots to new escorts who need some helpful advice about how to get started. Email me if you'd like to secure a place but be quick because I'll be off to Asia for a while come mid-January with a client. You can email us here: team@madisonjamesconsultanting.com

I've provided some screenshots below.

Personal development (mental, physical, sexual) is something that I have always been passionate about as it not only enriches our lives but also the lives of those who we care about. This area is covered in 'An Escort's Guide' on the site as it forms a fundamental part of building healthy client relationships.

I provide one-on-one consultations to aspiring escorts who would like advice on how best to go about setting up their business, creating the right experiences for their client and how to market themselves.

This section provides my reading list here. Many of these books have had a massive impact on me and I've included various links to pdfs that can be downloaded for free.

This is one of the many website we can produce for male escorts who don't fit the typical mould. I can think of no good reason why so many escorting sites look the same when we are clearly all very different.

This is another example of one of our websites that showcases a clean and classy gentleman with his own story to tell. You can view both sites here.

I've also added a new section to my own website (this one) called 'Experiences' which explains in intimate detail the type of pleasures we could enjoy together.

'Experiences' connects to my completely new booking system to make arranging bookings with me a lot easier.

As you can see, I've been busy but overall, I'm really excited with the service Madison James Consulting is able to offer because I think it is very much needed within our industry as a lot of abuse takes place on both sides.

Everyone has their own perspective and we are entitled to do so but the world of the high-class male escort is evolving and it really is time for the industry to take note and provide a new perspective as the resources for male escorts is extremely thin on the ground.

Taking the time to learn how to improve certain aspects of our lives is something that should be encouraged but for many guys, this is not the most popular topic of discussion and we are usually left being fed an unhealthy and skewed perspective of masculinity that is more concerned about what we can get from women, rather than the joy of giving and helping to empower them.

Madison James Consulting is a humble extension of my belief that giving and helping others ultimately benefits you and enriches your own life. Thanks for reading, and Merry belated Christmas - now I think it's time for my Christmas dinner!

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