Cosmic Morning Glory

Some believe the morning mind is still somewhere adrift between the conscious and subconscious plane as we contemplate our daily routine. What better time to tune in and embrace a deep connection with a partner/s. Most of us are all very familiar with the quick morning session or even a warm lazy duvet day in the arms of that special someone but the morning connection I'm referring to is different - and I'll tell you why.


Intention defines the very essence of how we connect but this is rarely considered. Deep, slow, sensual penetration is amazing but for the most part, we are often on autopilot, conscious of the day ahead as we approach the point of orgasm. Once we shift our intention from the thrill of the beautiful but momentary orgasm, to the energising high of permanent arousal, it provides a very different experience.


Setting the scene for your intentions is super powerful and can definitely provide an effective way to heal and remove sexual blockages that may lay dormant. Sitting comfortably and facing each other whilst eye gazing opens up the soul. With your hands extended and placed on each other's hearts, tune in to your partner's rhythm and visualise the flow of affection and gratitude being channelled back and forth like a cosmic cycle.


You may choose to verbalise your emotions through this cycle of energy as you express your thoughts, feelings, fears, insecurities and desires. This is about removing negative energy that may have accumulated in order to lay the foundations for positive and uplifting vibrations to take place. This may very well evoke difficult emotions but the real power comes from surrendering and allowing your spirit to heal from the inside.

The fact that someone is willing to bear their soul to such an extent is a blessing and should be cherished. I tend to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to have experienced this and if it becomes a daily practice you'll soon start to notice a warm feeling of connectedness deep inside you. The usual stresses of life seem to fade away as we begin to realise that this constructed version of reality that we hold on to so tightly is as fleeting as the sand being washed out to sea. The only thing that remains constant and true is the spirit within and the eternal power of the universe.


The Yoni has been revered and worshipped for thousands of years across many different cultures and for good reason. As the Yin and Yang unite in the sacred womb, waves of energy pulsate outwards from the centre manifesting our intentions. Slowing down and breathing deeply can heighten this experience and create arousal so primal that composure is completely discarded as you growl and sneer and thrash like a wild animal. The release feels amazing but if you are able to retain your orgasm (non-ejaculation) and channel it deep within this will literally supercharge your mind, body and spirit for the entire day.


With this special bond created between two (or more) your souls are inextricably linked and the mind only has to hint at the slightest whiff of your morning ritual and you'll feel the warmth of deep sensual arousal that now resides permanently just beneath the surface.

We are truly spectacular beings; all that is required is that we tune in to what's buried deep inside.

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