The Power of Masturbation

Not only is self-pleasure a beautiful art, it's a birthright, and within that lies our true life force. Some call it Qi (chi), Kundalini or the divine essence, but whatever term we chose to apply, one thing remains constant - sexual energy is real and it is within us all.

For many of us, we have given away our power to the external where we are heavily reliant on another being to help us connect with our divine energy. Even the word 'masturbation' has been shrouded in shame for centuries by religion and by extension society as a whole. Still, until this day many of us feel guilty about doing something that is so beneficial to the mind, body and soul.

Science has proven masturbation increases feelings of happiness by flooding dopamine and oxytocin into the body when we orgasm. Not only that but it releases sexual tension and reduces stress. It can also help you sleep better, relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension and strengthen your pelvic and anal muscles to name only a few.

It is definitely important to understand the benefits from a scientific perspective but there is a lot more to masturbation that lies beyond the realm of science. Today we are able to locate the specific parts of the brain that respond when arousal takes place from the ventromedial prefrontal cortex that connects to our senses, to the limbic system and hypothalamus that governs reward and emotion.

But if you ask a scientist where this energy originates from or how it is actually created this would be akin to asking for the root of consciousness. Both are still unknown to this day with some scientist now stating on record that they believe consciousness resides outside the body in a universal living field of energy that permeates the entire universe.

I believe this provides a clue as to the true nature of sexual energy and it's purpose. Through masturbation (and sexual intimacy with a partner) we are able to tune in to our innate life force that connects us with a higher power and enables us to transcend the physical. Some do this through external stimulants and meditation but masturbation is often overlooked and its true potential seldom realised by most.

Learning to channel your sexual energy and transmute it throughout your entire body, mind and spirit is one of the most amazing feelings and can create a genuine high that resides deep within you. The key to achieving this is to really allow your mind to make love to your body and soul and move past the goal of orgasm.


Learning to cultivate arousal is one of the most beautiful forms of self-love and it can be life changing. This means taking the time to explore your body and really sensing the intricate stages of your arousal and how to control it. Slowly stroking your body and erogenous zones as arousal builds allows you to explore the sensation without the comedown or loss of libido from orgasm. Tune in to the different sensations created through touch, sound and taste - watch yourself in the mirror as your body twitches and contorts as pleasure grips you. Free your mind of guilt and surrender to the divine essence.


You can learn to sense how close you are to the point of no return (orgasm) by using a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being in a state of non-arousal and 10 at the point of orgasm.) Your goal will be to maintain a level anywhere between 4 and 8.5 depending on how intense you want your experience to be. This can be extremely frustrating in the beginning because the desire to release is so ingrained in our minds that our body literally aches for it. There will be many times when you let go and orgasm (enjoy it) but eventually, you may realise the benefits of cultivating your arousal which those familiar with Tantra and Taoism will fully appreciate.


Breath is the secret - breathing stimulates the heart which in turn pumps blood to the various organs in the body and cause waves of pleasure to ripple through us. This can be done anywhere but a great time to practice is alone in bed at night or perhaps when taking your morning shower before leaving the house or even at work if you can find the privacy of a locked office. By focusing on specific regions of the body and breathing energy into these parts like the genital area we can literally induce orgasm if so desired. The deeper you breath (mouth or nose) the more intense your experience will be, so take time and explore as this is a very powerful practice.


Once you have learnt to cultivate and retain your sexual energy you can use it to energise your entire body. Through the power of breathing, visualisation and intention you can send this energy surging through your entire body at will using the power of the mind. Masturbation goes way beyond the momentary pleasure of a quick release (although this is nice too of course) - but it is a way for you to literally flood your body and mind full of this potent life force - this is the true power within.


This for me is a key ingredient to a permanent state of bliss. This does not mean one is constantly thinking about sex or craving the sensation of release, instead, it can be a subtle state of inner peace and warmth that symbolises self-love and appreciation for your divine essence.

Knowing that you hold the power of such love within means that you no longer crave another to set you free, on the contrary, when you choose to engage with a partner, you'll be overflowing with energy so potent you'll be able to nourish them with what you have inside and take things to a completely new level.

The real secret of self-pleasure is that the divine lies within as we are all connected to the very essence of the universe.

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