The Three Hundred Kisses

There’s nothing like the anticipation of that first kiss as it connects with our body’s most intimate regions. The very thought can cause some to experience mind-bending orgasms without even being touched.

The ‘Three Hundred Kisses’ has been designed to slowly nurture this type of experience and allow partners to connect at a much deeper level. Something this intense requires a lot of trust and communication and 'The Three Hundred Kisses' provides the perfect framework in order for this to take place.


In essence, it’s extremely simple, but many will probably never even have considered it as it is very much the elusive obvious.

With your partners' consent, you will 'gift' them with 300 kisses anywhere on their body in any way they choose purely for their pleasure.

Your partner will communicate with you describing their desires based on their level of arousal. This can vary from kiss to kiss and you have the opportunity to explore all the wonderful ways you are able to please your partner.

They may like to be kissed in a soft and sensual way in some areas or perhaps they may want something more erotic with the hard sting from a bite.

A few points to observe:

- Orgasm is not the goal - sensation and nurturing arousal is

- Lips, tongues, teeth, saliva and breath are good

- Communicate clearly and be descriptive

- No other body parts are allowed

- No penetration allowed until 300 kisses have been lovingly received

- Take time and savour every kiss – use them wisely

- Relax and have fun

There are 4 key points to consider in order to really warm things up which we’ll explore in more detail below.


Trust is the vital ingredient required to create this type of experience because without it, letting go and relaxing can be extremely difficult. Many of us are not even aware of the mental blockages and sexual triggers that often exist deep within us. This often manifests itself in a 'fight or flight' response which can become a default defence mechanism preventing us from reaching our true sexual potential.

In order to build trust, we need open and honest communication within a non-judgmental environment. As simple as this may sound it can be difficult when emotions run high and vulnerability sets in. The mental shift needed to navigate this is one of compassion, understanding and a genuine desire to please. Allowing your partner space and time to open up in a safe place where they are free to communicate exactly how and where they would like to be touched can produce some amazing experiences.

A very important aspect to consider is the freedom to state boundaries that can often be difficult to discuss for fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. This applies to both the receiver and the giver and neither should feel pressure or guilt for expressing how they really feel. Instead remain open and thank your partner for sharing their feelings and this will help to create the perfect setting for deep sensual arousal to be nurtured.


Tuning in to your partner requires an open heart and open mind. This requires clear communication and tuning in to the very essence of your partners being. As the giver, you can ask how a particular type of kiss in a certain place feels, or close your eyes and listen closely to every reaction. The baited breath in anticipation, an involuntary twitch as you softly kiss your partner's hips. Move in close and see if you can pick up their pulse as their heart pumps blood through their veins. Taste them and see how wet they are as you gently nestle your head between their thighs. Imagine their body as a highly tuned transmitter beaming out super erotic frequencies as you tease their most sensitive regions.

As a receiver feel free to communicate exactly what you want and how you want it. Guide them in slowly and increase your arousal like a dial. Take this opportunity to fully tune in to the sensation of touch all over your body. Listen to the sound of the kiss as the lips leave your skin, then send all your awareness to that exact location in your mind as you feel the wetness evaporate leaving goose bumps on your skin. Scan your body and see where else you would like to have stimulated. This is your opportunity to explore new sensations in areas of your body that you may often be overlooked.


Remain fully present and take your time, there is no specific end goal. Perhaps you'll both decide to slowly work from the outside of the body inwards - or maybe you’ll decide to focus on the hands and feet and avoid the usual erogenous zones until later on. Whatever you decide, your only objective should be to let go, enjoy and help them discover what they already have buried deep inside.

Most women are frustratingly aware of pleasurable but all too brief encounters in the bedroom but it really doesn’t have to be like this. We all have different states of arousal and different ways to reach them but slowing things down can definitely help this process. It’s important to recognise that women and men tend to function very differently when it comes to being turned on.

As men, we are hard-wired for instantaneous arousal, which is often swiftly followed by orgasm and then ejaculation. (In fact, orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate functions that can work independently of each other – maybe I’ll touch on this more in another post.)

Women, on the other hand, require a lot more time so pounding away like we see in porno movies isn’t necessarily the best way. Take time and cherish the gift of your partner’s sacred yoni and it will open up like never before.


The cultivation of sexual energy should be savoured as arousal can be channelled from the mind to various parts of the body at will once this technique has been learnt.

The scope of this piece does not permit me to cover this topic in great detail however sexual transmutation provides a super powerful way for you and your partner to experience extended states of arousal well beyond the bedroom.

If nurtured properly this can lead to a near permanent state of arousal and an insatiable desire for intimacy that subtly resides beneath the surface waiting to be ignited.


It’s so easy to get carried away as a stroke leads to a hug, which leads to a kiss and before you know it you’re ripping each other’s clothes off. The ‘Three Hundred Kisses’ provides a beautiful framework that enables you to slow things down and truly learn how to please your partner in ways you never have before.

There are many ways to explore your sexuality and connect with your partner but so long as you are focused on honest open communication and have a genuine desire to please the rewards will be endless.

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