A Client's Tale: My First Time

Note: Mrs. G was kind enough to give her warm consent for me to publish this lovely piece that she wrote after our first encounter. (I really appreciate it and can't wait to see you again.xx;)

In her own words...

For many days prior to meeting M I wondered what the fuck I was doing; and I definitely thought about cancelling. But from the minute we met in the hotel bar all those fears just disappeared. He hugged me when I arrived as promised and I literally melted into his arms. Our chemistry was instant. And electric. And there was genuine surprise from both of us. So much so that after a couple of double gins and his hand stroking my neck, and some intense gazing, I felt emboldened to suggest we skip dinner. Who was this person?!

That intensity continued for the next 24 hours. I completely forgot about the outside world. I felt desire and I felt desired. He knew exactly what he was doing and has a magical way of making you feel that you are the only thing that matters in that moment. The fact that money came into it is irrelevant to me. I pay people all the time to do things for me. Is this any different? I have asked myself that question many times since. It’s strange the lack of self judgment and guilt I feel. I felt alive in that room for the first time in a very long time.

As women, we give so much of ourselves to the world. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife and a boss. With M I wasn't any of those things. I was me. And since we met, I've felt incredibly peaceful, alive, confident and I have absolutely rediscovered my sexuality. M has a certain type of appeal, not to mention a body to die for. I experienced pure unadulterated lust but it was also the overall experience. To have such sensual connection with another human being is something special.

A letter from Mrs. G...

Dearest M,

I've been brought up well. “Always write your thank you letters” my mother told me. And I've always been the good girl and written those thank you letters over those years. Well, I'm not such the good girl anymore am I !

I did wonder what the fuck I was doing prior to us meeting and I really did think about cancelling. But from the moment I saw you in the hotel bar and felt our chemistry, those fears fell away. It's the little things I noticed in those first few moments. It was how you carried yourself. You know straight away how to make me feel in the way you touched me, you knew how to put me at ease and oh god, that gaze of yours; so intense. And when I saw how you interacted with the staff in the bar I knew I was in the hands of a very classy man.

I felt a million dollars in your company. But what surprised me the most was how much at ease I felt. It was like I had known you a very long time but yet experienced the intensity and raw energy of being with someone for the very first time. I have never let myself go sexually with another man like that since I got married 12 years ago and my ability to have a very intense orgasm with you took my breath away. I just couldn't get enough of you.

BDSM has always intrigued me but I never fully understood it until now. It was incredibly sensual and intense and I definitely want to explore more of this with you. It is sad that I feel I can't ask my husband to explore it with me but after all these years of marriage he would definitely think I was having an affair and had lost the plot!

This whole experience with you has a lot to do with healing and learning to trust again. Some people may find that incredulous. How can you heal with a stranger who is paid to sleep with you?! But with you there were no games, no performance. And this time this was all about me!

So refreshing to be with a gorgeous man who genuinely cared about how I was feeling and was 100% focused on my experience. We've exchanged a lot of messages you and I since we met and spoken about the chemistry. All I can say is that I personally think it's perfectly possible to have an intense and very genuine connection with someone you like and lust after and yet still exchange money. Of course, being on the other side of the world helps to manage any grey but I have so much black and white in my life it's precisely grey that I want! We are all searching for something in life. And how you find that is your business. I think I have found what works for me.

Thank you M. You are genuinely a beautiful man, inside and out. I can't wait to see you again.


Mrs. G

*Mrs. G's name is completely random and bears no relation to her actual identity for obvious reasons.

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