The Serendipitous

I’m sure many of us are able to cast our minds back to that memorable occasion where someone really took the time and effort to rock our world. And there lies the point – it’s a ‘memorable occasion’ because it doesn’t happen very often.

It’s so rare it stands out as a freak occurrence that causes us to reminisce about that hot passionate night where everything seemed perfect. The mood was just right, the food was amazing and the sex was truly orgasmic – stars, moons, planets, you name it, it aligned. By all accounts the earth moved and you were in you element. Nether-the-less it’s usually a fleeting memory and the reason is simple - it’s serendipitous.

So how do we conjure up this magic on demand? You plan! You take time to really think about where you want to take your partner mentally and emotionally. All the small details subtly communicated in a variety of ways. A stray glance, a stirring of the hips when touched, the pouting of the lips when stroked – it’s all a road map to that ‘serendipitous’ experience.

When you provide a high-end service, rocking up on the day with a stiff dick and warm smile doesn’t cut it – this type of client requires more - and that more requires planning. Short bookings of a few hours are pretty straight forward as there’s only so much required during that time. However, when you’ve been booked for 12 to 48 hours and you’re being paid thousands of pounds it’s an entirely different league.

Typically any booking over 12 hours usually requires a fair amount of consideration. Sometimes I’ll speak with a client for days over the phone, exchanging texts and email - It all helps me to understand how best to please her.

Some fundamental principles of BDSM have had a major influence in this regard. It’s very similar to planning a session but within a different context, however the objective is the same. I’m aiming to provide an intense orgasmic experience that embeds itself in to her subconscious right along side the serendipitous.

Typically I’d spend at least 3 or 4 hours planning our time together. There are some logistics that need to be taken care of like a suitable 5 star hotel with a nice restaurant, 24 hours room service, late check out and decent parking. Not to mention my overnight bag that contains all manner of carnal pleasures waiting to be unleashed. Last and certainly not least, the lovely lady who I’ll have the pleasure of wining and dining. Everything is laid out but it’s only a guide, the magic occurs in the unexpected, the unplanned moments of chemistry that logic can’t predict.

“Enjoy what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” people say, who said it I can’t remember but I agree. For me it’s the deep inhalation she takes as I grab here waist from behind and come in close, or the uncontrolled look on her face as she lets go and releases her orgasm. This is what turns me on and this is what makes all the planning worth it – many years before I was paid to do it.

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