Let's talk shoes, scrap that, let's talk about the visual - primal, instinctive and fetishistic. I've been crushing on this wonderful piece of art (above) ever since I laid eyes on it back in 2012. I'm an image whore, like a magpie but instead of shiny junk I collect images that turn me on. I have a particular affection for high heels; well fashion as a whole but it still boils down to an emotional and sexual attraction stimulated by the visual. Attraction isn't a choice and neither is a fetish. Some of us have a fetish for food, music, wood, raw meat, the smell of grass, - what ever floats your boat as far as I'm concerned but for me - it's fashion. Self-expression through visual aids that shape, tone, pull, squeeze and sculpt the body to its will (or not in some tragic cases). Similar to when we catch a glimpse of a beautiful face in a crowd, it's an involuntary reaction that triggers warm fuzzy emotions. Some of us are more visual than others and for some reason, this is often associated with being shallow or superficial, like a strong appreciation for the visual negates the possibility for an appreciation of other less tangible traits. They all create different types of attraction but for me the visual is particularly strong, especially when it feels natural and instinctive. There are a million images I could have chosen for this piece but the movement of the feet bound firmly in place positioned for the next stride down the catwalk does a lot for me. I picture the swaying of the hips, the movement of the clavicle bone, the perfect posture of the model, accentuated by the curvature of the heel, the one inch tapered platform, the seductive tease of the peep toe, embodied by black patent leather - all processed subconsciously in mili-seconds to form an emotional response that's just as potent today as it ever was. RIP Alexander McQ. One day someone asked me if I had a foot fetish and I knew I didn't, but it got me thinking - shoes, on the other hand! ...I'd have to say absolutely. There's something inherently sexy about the right pair of heels on a woman that draws me in. The beautiful thing about style is that we all have our own and it's like a calling card. You can tell an awful lot about a person simply by analysing the way they dress. Are they kitted out like a mannequin from Zara in the latest gear or are they relying on the fact that their outfit says Prada, LV or Gucci for them to be on trend. Granted some may need all the guidance they can get but fashion is what you buy, style is what you own. It's who you are, and I find it fascinating that we have such a rich and diverse culture that allows us to express ourselves in so many ways. Artistically, mentally, politically, sexually, the avenues are endless. 'Fetish' for me is not a seedy word that should be locked up in a murky dungeon surrounded by 'strange' sub culture (hum, wait a minute, this sounds very familiar;) ...anyway, the point - it's something that should be embraced openly.

Source: Vogue UK

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