Sometimes She Just Wants to Fuck

I guess on a sliding scale I probably lean more towards the sensual side but sometimes she just wants to fuck. No talk, No drinks, No massage, not even a peck on the lips. Her body bent up in impossible angles, face buried deep amongst the pillows half hanging off the bed. Me growling and panting like a fucking caveman devouring prey. Massaging her inside whilst watching her closely, looking for the buried treasure; then bingo, that’s her spot. She’s losing control, orgasm imminent but she doesn’t have permission yet to release. I bring her back and slow it down. Shallow then deep, soft then hard, sliding up, sliding down, choking till she turns a different hue.

I feel her insides pulsating, she’s communicating with me through raw emotion - Animal. She's ready but still doesn’t have my permission to release. “Fucking hold it” I grow as I bite her neck like a dog. The tension’s killing her so it’s time to dial it up. I tell her to focus on her breathing and visualise. The sensation spreads through her entire body as her lungs fill with orgasmic energy. She’s on her back with legs spread across both shoulders. The penetration is intense, fueled by racing heart palpitations and firm hands gripping her waist like a corset. The devil in me comes out and the magic wand goes to work. Sending waves of unknown pleasure surging through every nerve ending. Overwhelmed by the senses she’s momentarily stunned in to complete submission. Mouth open, body shaking.

Begging me to let her cum she’s wild, untamed and genuinely not giving a fuck about the neighbours. And rightfully so, I actively encourage self-expression in whatever form it takes, behind closed doors and in public. She’s face slapping (hard), back scratching, biting; it’s all about her at this stage. Besides, who am I to argue, the caged beast is literally dying to let loose. She angry with me for pushing her so far but loving every minute of it. She’s already come 6 times in her mind and now it’s time to release in the physical realm. She’s suddenly set free, thrashing back and forth like the exorcist. She's wet the bed and me along with it. Gushing as the sensation completely owns her. I can taste her orgasm.

Then she’s gone, drifting off to that place women go when they need to compose and digest after a moment like this. Embarrassment ensues as the years of social conditioning and conscious thought rain her back in. “Fuck, did I really just do that with him?” she’s asking herself - good girl persona completely shattered. Yes you did and I have the marks to prove it. This is why I do what I do, to experience moments like this. Unhinged, out of control and completely free – raw feminine energy just like nature intended.

This turns me on.

Peace and Love,

Madison x

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