Why Women Pay for Sex

Forgive me for the misleading title but the operative word here is ‘it’, and the title raises an interesting question on the whole. Why do women pay for sex when they are literally tripping over it from the moment they open their front door. Well, women don’t want ‘it’, they want something ‘else’. And that something else is not what most men think it is. If a woman manages to stumble upon a really considerate partner who takes genuine pleasure in learning how to please her in the most intimate of ways, she’s lucky!

Unfortunately most of us (men) haven’t really cottoned on to this. We think fucking like a porn star is the pinnacle of sexual mastery. We think that bending her over and giving it to her hard and fast while she loses her mind in a reality bending mind fuck of an orgasm is conclusive proof that we’ve achieved a god like status in the bedroom.

And sometimes this is exactly what she wants, hot steamy role play with wild sex during her lunch break. But still, this is purely content. What’s important here is the context, and by this I mean the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. Any escort worth his silk boxers should be well versed in understanding the dynamics of how to blow a women’s mind and why the subtlest of interactions can fill her with the most erotic desires.

I think I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that many escorts never think to explore this concept despite the advantage it provides in distinguishing us in a sea of dick pics and bad selfies you often find on escorting sites.

I digress, women “pay for sex” because they’ve realised that in order to get what they want, when they want it, how they want it and without the hassle or bullshit, paying a ‘professional’ is a very valid option.

A good escort will spend time actively working on improving their skills in order to provide the best service possible. Most of this comes down to a willingness to please and an aptitude for self-improvement. When all is said and done, as escorts, we sell our time and our bodies for financial reward. We commoditise our skills and package them according to our target audience. If you genuinely enjoy pleasing a woman you’re going to strive to give her the best experience you can.

With an open mind, dedication to improving one self in all areas and generally having our shit together, we’re able to push a women’s buttons in a way that most men are oblivious to. Understanding attraction and the complex mating dance that takes place every day is a key component in unlocking this primal form of communication.

Much smarter individuals than myself have figured out that attraction isn’t a choice; it’s a reaction. This makes sense to me, so learning how to trigger and nurture it to the point of uncontrollable desire is a natural stage of progression.

Financial reward alone is not enough to fuel this desire for me personally as I started on this journey long before escorting. Many years ago I pondered the question as to the nature of my desire to please in a piece I wrote called ‘The Perfect Evening’.

By the end of this piece I had unearthed a clue that would take me many years to comprehend (which is not to say that my understanding is anywhere near complete) but I realised that I’m drawn to a woman’s raw sexual energy. (Which does make me wonder why we still chastise women for being sexually free – See ‘Slut Theory’ for further musings on this topic.)

Real sexual communication is the forgotten tongue concealed by societal taboos and religious claptrap. For that brief moment in time when we orgasm we get to taste the forbidden apple that apparently cast us out in to the dark. It’s ironic that women pay me for something that should be abundant and plentiful – they don’t pay for ‘sex’, they pay for an ‘experience’.

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