Embracing The Intangible

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We all live in the physical realm where we believe in what we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands. But as soon as we scratch beneath the surface our intangible senses allow us to glimpse the beauty of the intangible. Even in today’s world where we have evolved to rely less and less on our senses, we still have an innate ability to be captivated by the sound of a voice or the intoxicatingly indulgent realm of scent.

As I journey through life I become increasingly aware of the realms that co exist along side the physical but are often muted by our reliance on what we see with our eyes. “Seeing is believing” is a mindset that it based on pragmatism and logic but what was true today can be false tomorrow so I embrace the discomfort of uncertainty in pursuit of conscious evolution.

In my line of work as an escort I meet people from all walks of life and the one thing that I have learnt is that as special as we think we are, and as complex as our minds may be, that invisible person passing me in the street is just as wrapped up in their head as I am in mine.

When I meet a female client for the first time, our worlds collide with an over flow of mixed emotions and desires, excitement and fear. My aim is to understand her emotions and provide peace of mind in an environment where she is free to embrace the realms that co-exist beyond the physical.

A lustful exploration of senses that once lay dormant are now alive and racing. When open minds embrace masculine and feminine counterpoints, uncontrollable attraction and desire enables us to tune in to the intangible.

We all posses the ability to travel to places yet to be explored in a world that attempts to stigmatise those who chose to live beyond the expectations of an Orwellian state of mind.

They once believed the world was flat, and as ridiculous as this may seem, in years to come they will be laughing at us too for the perceived logic we currently hold dear. A wise person knows that they know nothing.

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