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Size isn't everything, but it does matter!


We’re born, we work, and then we die. So what about the bit in-between we call life? They say youth is wasted on the young but I think it’s wasted on the old too. How many people lay...

I get asked a lot of questions about BDSM and how I plan a session so I think it’s time we ventured a little further in to the rabbit hole to see what it actually entails.

I’ve already...

I guess on a sliding scale I probably lean more towards the sensual side but sometimes she just wants to fuck. No talk, No drinks, No massage, not even a peck on the lips. Her body be...

We try so desperately to avoid the hard times, that we end up stressing ourselves in to even harder times.

For the many highs I experience in my line of work from meeting fascinating women to the wonderful locations that I travel to it’s not without its drawbacks. Relationships tend to be...

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