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Owned - An Erotic Tale

It’s the dead of the night with no one around for miles and miles. You’re standing in the middle of a darkened room with absolutely nothing on, alone, barefooted and cold waiting for me to appear. Your heart is racing out of your chest in anticipation, your warm breath vanishes, and then suddenly you freeze. Something catches your attention, you can sense it moving in closer but you can’t make out what it is. The darkness throws you, even though I’ve taught you to embrace it. An involuntary shiver shoots through your nerve endings and fizzes around your stomach. You twitch as you feel the cramp and attempt to compose yourself. I suddenly appear behind you with a chill. My fangs sharp, poised


The secret to being a good lover is caring about your partner’s orgasm, just as much as your own. Everything else from that point onwards is about communication and learning how to please. We are tactile beings from by nature, and a fundamental part of the way we communicate is through touch or lack thereof. A simple caress at the right time, in the right place, can send waves of unrivalled pleasure shooting through the entire body. The power of touch can evoke uncontrollable orgasmic reactions that render the receiver momentarily stunned into submission. And yet, touch is so often overlooked. A guy doesn’t need a special technique or a 9inch dick to please her, all he needs to do is learn h


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