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In the movie ‘Perfume’ the main character 'Jean-Baptiste Grenouille' possesses an amazing talent for distinguishing scent. His ability is both a blessing and a curse as he becomes obsessed with creating the best perfume the world has ever known. His overwhelming desire drives him to the point of murder as he attempts to distill the very essence of beauty. Needless to say things didn’t end well for him or the poor women he preys upon. Clearly Jean-Baptiste has issues but this movie definitely gave me an appreciation for the craft behind perfumery. Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I decided to purchase my own fragrance kit complete with essential oils, test tubes, droppers and even little

The Serendipitous

I’m sure many of us are able to cast our minds back to that memorable occasion where someone really took the time and effort to rock our world. And there lies the point – it’s a ‘memorable occasion’ because it doesn’t happen very often. It’s so rare it stands out as a freak occurrence that causes us to reminisce about that hot passionate night where everything seemed perfect. The mood was just right, the food was amazing and the sex was truly orgasmic – stars, moons, planets, you name it, it aligned. By all accounts the earth moved and you were in you element. Nether-the-less it’s usually a fleeting memory and the reason is simple - it’s serendipitous. So how do we conjure up this magic on d


Let's talk shoes, scrap that, let's talk about the visual - primal, instinctive and fetishistic. I've been crushing on this wonderful piece of art (above) ever since I laid eyes on it back in 2012. I'm an image whore, like a magpie but instead of shiny junk I collect images that turn me on. I have a particular affection for high heels; well fashion as a whole but it still boils down to an emotional and sexual attraction stimulated by the visual. Attraction isn't a choice and neither is a fetish. Some of us have a fetish for food, music, wood, raw meat, the smell of grass, - what ever floats your boat as far as I'm concerned but for me - it's fashion. Self-expression through visual aids th

The Grey

In a recent piece for Cosmo they asked me a question that got me pondering... Q. “Have you ever become attached to a client?” A. “Not often, but occasionally it can happen. It’s not particularly hard for me to keep my emotions ‘at bay’ as such because I don’t feel the need to. I can have an intense connection with a woman and still have her remain a client if she’s able to do the same.” Interesting question; one deserving of more than a few lines, especially as this is my mind space. As a side note, I’d like to thank Paisley for the piece, great probing questions, brilliantly edited – thanks hun.x Back to pondering and not feeling the need to keep my feelings at bay. My response was conjured


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