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Life - The Interlude

We’re born, we work, and then we die. So what about the bit in-between we call life? They say youth is wasted on the young but I think it’s wasted on the old too. How many people lay on their death beds wishing they’d spent more time in the office, or saved more money for a rainy day. It’s going to rain regardless, just as sure as the sun will rise, the leaves will fall and thunder will clap. Pop culture would have us believe that obtaining wealth is an end goal in itself, the ultimate achievement, the pinnacle of success - but it’s not. One day you could be filthy rich and loving life and then you could lose it all, so what then? Put your life on pause while you fight to recoup what was los

Planning A BDSM Session

I get asked a lot of questions about BDSM and how I plan a session so I think it’s time we ventured a little further in to the rabbit hole to see what it actually entails. I’ve already blogged about my own take on BDSM from a mental perspective ( here ) which is heavily rooted in trust, sensuality and connection but now I’d like to share with you one of my scripts I created for a client not too long ago. No two scripts are the same and I always create a new script bespoke to my clients taste. So this particular script was created for a client who was new to BDSM. I wanted to ease her in gently but still give her the thrill she was seeking. We spoke in detail about her fantasies and what real

Sometimes She Just Wants to Fuck

I guess on a sliding scale I probably lean more towards the sensual side but sometimes she just wants to fuck. No talk, No drinks, No massage, not even a peck on the lips. Her body bent up in impossible angles, face buried deep amongst the pillows half hanging off the bed. Me growling and panting like a fucking caveman devouring prey. Massaging her inside whilst watching her closely, looking for the buried treasure; then bingo, that’s her spot. She’s losing control, orgasm imminent but she doesn’t have permission yet to release. I bring her back and slow it down. Shallow then deep, soft then hard, sliding up, sliding down, choking till she turns a different hue. I feel her insides pulsating,

Letting Go

For the many highs I experience in my line of work from meeting fascinating women to the wonderful locations that I travel to it’s not without its drawbacks. Relationships tend to be a bone of contention for the women in my personal life and as much as I completely understand why, when the ultimatum comes for exclusivity (and it’s usually does) I find myself in the familiar position of having to let go and accept the situation. They say that if they were special I’d change my mind, that I wouldn’t allow them to walk away and that I’d change my line of work. What they don’t realise is that all my life experiences (including my profession) have shaped me in to the person they have fallen for.


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